What we do

LMS Digital Consulting

Consulting firm that provides data protection, business, tax and legal services. We focus on people and companies with innovative technology solutions
LMS Digital Consulting

More than advice

LMS offers full support in developing, applying and protecting your technology. Our tailor made solutions help you focus on your core business.

Data Protection | GDPR

Comprehensive data protection / GDPR compliance services.


Creative tax solutions critical for success of our clients.

Business Consulting

Services and solutions necessary for setting proper and healthy business foundations.


Assistance in creating, applying and protecting your technology in alignment with law.

Our Experience

We come from different professional backgrounds (IT, management, finance, law and marketing), and have more than 50 years of experience in advising companies and startups all around the world.


years of experience






GDPR in focus

GDPR is the new regulation of the European Union which preserves continuity of the data protection in the European Union and, at the same time, upgrades the legal framework for the data protection there. GDPR influence is far reaching. It inspires new legal regulation in the countries outside of the EU, affecting  even more companies and tech startups all around the world.
LMS Digital GDPR in Focus Homepage

Readiness Assessment

Gap analysis. Training. Recommendations and roadmap.

Techical Solutions

Tools for consent. Data subject rights. Cookie consent.


Agreements. Privacy policy. Privacy notice.



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