Assistance in creation, application and protection of technology. Our consultants interpret expanding regulation and soft law related to the new technologies on a daily basis (GDPR, blockchain, IoT, internet ethics, digital marketing, tailor made agreements)

Services Overview


  • Negotiations assistance.
  • Drafting specific agreements for software development, digital design, and other engaments
  • Drafting non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.
  • Drafting various commercial agreements.

IP/Copyright and Media

  • Drafting copyright agreements.
  • IP protection before relevant authorities.
  • Copyright/IP protection violation advice.
  • Assistance with Public Information and Media Act and Advertising Act interpretation.

Blockchain, Crypto and Fintech

  • Advice in legal aspects of implementing a blockchain technology in business operations, ICO legal services, and reviewing of token structures.
  • Assistance in selecting appropriate jurisdictions, assisting in acquiring licenses and permits, analyzing compliance with legal requirements.
  • Assessment of compliance with Anti-money Laundering regulations.
  • Token Purchase Agreement drafting.

Corporate issues

  • Establishing business entities in Serbia and abroad.
  • Drafting corporate agreements.
  • M&A assistance and advice
  • Advising on various corporate issues.

Keeping up to date with the new regulation

The European Union as a leader in regulating new technologies intensively drafts new regulations, which then become standards for the online community. Smaller flexible systems like Estonia, Malta, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein change digital legalframework on a daily basis. Serbia is on its EU roadway and is looking for its place in the digital space. 



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