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Meet the companies with who we are very fortunate
to have formed excellent partnerships
  • IAB Serbia
  • CarGo
  • Infostud grupa
  • Super Kartica
  • Direct Media
  • Service Pro
  • Wireless Media
  • Active Collab
  • Media House
  • Originet
  • Connectad

“Easy to work with and approachable”

Direct Media is a leading media outlet in the region. It’s digital media sector faced many issues with GDPR compliance due to it having different entities in the countries of the region. The personal data flows to and from the EU, and it was necessary to set up the appropriate privacy and security foundations in a transparent and clear way. 

"Readiness Assessment helped our different legal entities in the region to fully understand the complexities of the GDPR compliance and implementation for our industry. Certain tasks that resulted from this assessment we could do internally, while we relied on LMS to do rest. It was crucial for us to be able to get good advice with our EU legal entities (Croatia and Slovenia)."

 Igor Cernisevski, Digital group account manager

"Fully prepared for the GDPR compliance journey."

ServicePro is a US software provider with customers in both the US and the EU. Their web and mobile application is used to manage lawn and arbor care providers and customers interactions, as well as service delivery and payment.

"LMS helped us understand GDPR, our compliance gaps, and how to achieve the full compliance. At the end of the assessment, we were ready to embark on the compliance journey. It was a pleasure working with the LMS team. They have a successful symbiosis of experience from Europe and the US, which worked well for us as a US company."

Andy Deering, COO



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